Milking a Goat
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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

How to Milk A Goat - The Proper Technique

Make sure to always milk your does at the very same time  12 hours apart every day for maximum milk supply- use the very same routine, so they have a chance to let down the milk. Milk in the same order from senior doe to last doe on the totem pole, milk from the same side always. Be calm, have patience and milk firm but gently. Always wash yur hands between does,  baby wipes work well in the milk barn. Always use a dry cloth to wipe udder before milking and a teat dip after milking.

Example: Load the doe into the milk stand, brush her head to foot including under the belly top get all loose hairs and dust brushed off. Wipe udder with a dry cloth before milking THEN place grain in front of her so it will last for at least most of the milking to keep her busy and not kicking.  After you are done, wipe the udder again and use teat dip on each teat-  give her a kiss, let her out of the stand  and wash your hands before loading the next doe.

How to milk a Goat

Illustrates how to hold the goat teat for Milking

Repeat steps 1 thru 7 until the goat is milked out and when it is all done, THEN and ONLY then do you strip the teat Once- Repeat on other side- Or do both sides at the same time.

Illustration of how to hold the goat teats and milk a goat properly copyright

How to Keep Milk Fresh

NEVER use plastic to milk into or keep milk EVER or you will end up with goaty tasting milk and all your work will have been for nothing.
Glass and Stainless steel are the only things that can be properly cleaned, and sterilized, the milk fats and solids will be able to be removed from glass and stainless while it will adhere to the porous surface of plastics.

Properly handled goat milk will last for weeks in a fridge at the proper temperature without tasting off of spoiling - if it does not then go back through your procedure and figure out which thing may have caused off flavored milk.



  • Stainless Steel or Glass ONLY container to milk into
  • Strainer for milking (to filter hay and debris from milk)
  • Container for ice water larger than milking vessel to cool milk down quickly
  • Glass jars with fitted lids for keeping milk
  • Teat dip or alcohol for cleaning teats after milking
  • Paper Towels for cleaning off udder before milking to remove loose hair and debris
  • Babywipes for really dirty udders

Method for Cleaning Milking Supplies

Use this for cleaning all your utensils when milking- you will be glad you did!
  • Rinse first with COLD water
  • Wash with hot soapy water
  • Rinse with Hot Clear water
  • Rinse with 10% bleach water
  • Lay upside down in dish drainer to dry
  • Before use- rinse with hot 10% bleach water, then plain hot water

Handling Milk

  • Milk into your glass or stainless bowl or vessel
  • After each goat is fully milk- immediately strain that milk into a clean sterile glass container
  • Place this container into an ice bath for quick cooling, placing in fridge or freezer will not cool it quick enough and you will have spoiled milk in a day or two
  • Never add warm just milked milk into cold milk, use a seperate container and add them together after both are cold
  • Use masking tape to label date of milk

You can find milking supplies online : Most these days are for automatic milking- but you can still find hand milking equipment:

These are just the very basic basics.. to get you started - nothing fancy
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