How to: Oral Meds- Adult Goat
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Friday, 20 June 2008

Holding Goats for Medicating

How to Administer Oral Medications to an Adult Goat By Yourself

How to Properly Drench a Goat

These easy instructions are for any time you need to give a goat medicine orally- - How to deworm a goat orally, works for any oral medication.
Hold the Goat so the face is up against your body so they cannot wiggle away- Hold firm and steady and level as you can- Try NOT to tilt head upward as this can cause aspiration of the medication into the lungs.

Place the thumb of the opposite hand you have the medication syringe (with NO Needle) in and open the goat's mouth with the thumb enough to slide syringe on top of the tongue and as far back on the side of the mouth as you can before administering the medication. The goat will struggle and try to get away- Make it easy on yourself and place the rump end of the goat against a wall or fence so they cannot back away from you.
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