How to: Oral Meds- Buck Goats
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Friday, 20 June 2008

Administering Oral Medications to Adult Goat - Buck

Oral Medicating an Adult Goat Buck Alone

How to Properly Drench a Goat

Photos of Medicating An Adult Buck Orally

Now I know some of you need to do as I do- medicate your goats when you are home alone. Well- it really is not difficult! All of my goats have horns which in my opinion makes it easier- and the photos show how to hold a full grown horned buck- If your goats do not have horns you will have to modify these instructions-

Place the Adult buck's horns between your legs to steady and hold him.

Hold the goat under his chin to steady the head and hold him still.

Hold Syringe with medicine to goat's mouth and wait to allow the goat to open his mouth-remember NO Needle on syringe.

If the goat does not open his mouth voluntarily, then use your thumb to open it-Keep the head as level as possible to avoid him aspirating the liquid medicine into the lungs

Remember to ALWAYS hold head level and never tilt upward or you take a chance of getting medication in the lungs! Place NeedleLESS syringe in mouth - to one side and on top of tongue as far back in mouth as you can without choking him. Allow him to swallow medication- rub his throat, Let go and give him a kiss on the nose YES! Give him a KISS on the nose! copyright 2002-2006 goatlady 80652-060722-723656-51

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