How to: Oral Meds- Kid Goat
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Friday, 20 June 2008

Holding a Kid Goat for Oral Medicine

The Proper Way to Administer Oral Medications to a Kid Goat or
How to Deworm a Kid Goat Orally

How to Properly Drench a Goat

Holding kid goats is a bit more difficult to me- because they are smaller and you have to bend down- (keep in mind I'm not even 5ft tall so If I have to bend down- I imagine others have to as well) Hold your does the same way as holding kids. All of my girls have horns and I use the kid method.

Again- Make sure to hold head level and always give a kiss when you are finished! Always remove needle from syringe before you administer medication!

This goat wiggled as I was about to administer the medication, This is "almost" too tilted to safely administer oral medication- copyright 2001-2006 goatlady
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