Aggressive Bucks
Written by Administrator-GL   
Saturday, 10 January 2009

First of All , let me tell you Bucks are NOT naturally Aggressive

If you have a boy (or girl) who is aggressive, somebody made them that way by the way they have been handled - they were not born that way and do not need to stay that way.

You are the one who needs to do this to establish dominance over him, even though it would be nice is hubby could do it for you- you really are the one who goes in there more and you need to make him aware that you are the alpha. (I am 4'10" and weigh about 110lbs and am 58 yrs old so I know it can be done by a small woman.)Embarassed Somehow you need to get yourself into a position where you are ground level (It needs to be when he is acting up but preferably not when he is beating you up- fine line between catching the right time) The end result is that you are going to drop him and then sit on him and hold him down.

How you are going to do this is :
How ever you can grab him (probably by the horns to begin with) long enough to get down on the ground on your knees next to him- Go Under him and grab the front leg and the back leg of the opposite side from which you are kneeling- you will have to grab one while holding his horns (because he will be fighting you I imagine) and then the other- try to grab the back leg first and HOLD it above the hock there is a tendon in there that if you put pressure they are unable to really move it- (something like you do for a milker who kicks) Once you get both legs, pull straight toward you and drop him off balance so he ends up feet facing you and spine away from yo then quickly kneel over him straddling him now holding the base of his horns which are in the dirt. This will drop him pretty hard onto the ground on his side - the quicker the movement of pulling the legs toward you the better because you need to catch him off guard long enough to get over the top of him to straddle him- you can lower or raise you butt adding or relieving your weight on him, depending on how much he is still struggling (make sure he can still breath )

Sit on him until he stops struggling. This may take an hour. It may take 15 minutes- The whole time holding his head still by holding the base of his horns and (Oh I just KNOW you are going to think I'm nuts) All the while talking sweet and quiet to him reminding him that you are the mom and that you love him but he cannot do this because it hurts you - what ever you can think of in a low soft voice and it helps to put your face on is (I personally kiss the cheeks and stroke the sides of the face with my face while I am talking to him- (Yes on that pissy face) The longer you talk and love up on him and yet hold him down, the slower his heart rate will go and his breathing should slow down instead of panting like when he was butting and acting aggressive. IF you start to get up and he starts to really struggle, Lower yourself back down and continue the holding him down and sweet talking him until you can rise with out him fighting you. Basically you are breaking his spirit and letting him know YOU are the boss. And You still love him. No anger, no yelling- just sweet soft love talk. At some point during all of this he should calm down enough you can use your hand to stroke his face , under his eyes down his cheeks, the base of his horns with your fingertips and do this while speaking soft love talk to him, it helps, helps to calm them too - the fingertip stroking. Most everyone I have ever explained this to who have had an un-ruly boy say it only took the one time - sometimes twice of doing this and never had another problem after-

I have a 250lb angora buck I got from a gal already grown and he was starting to do this to me every time I went into my buck pen (30 full grown bucks with horns) he would not let me tend to any of them - take temps when they were sick nothing - then he chased me one day and hooked his sweeping horns behind my knees and took me out- scared the piddidles out of me as none of my boys have Ever done this before- but I got him grown and he had only been here for 6 months and it was the start of rut- Next day I entered the pen and he he came, I did to him what I told you to do- we spent about 45 minutes doing this - twice when I started to get up I saw he was still going to show aggression because he was struggling. So back down I went until he was done fighting me and when he was quiet and not struggling at all (This is important) Then and only then did I get up. He laid there for a minute after I "dismounted" him for a lack of a better term) I knelt beside him and helped him up he wasn't hurt just his pride. He never ever did that again. Never- That was years ago and he now is my most loving boy and always comes up to me to rub his head on my hip and get kisses - even now in rut and he is in with the girls in my front yard. He is mellow and loving.

Now I no longer have menstrual cycles (haven't for a few years) I have heard (Although I have Never ever experienced it with my boys and I tend to them twice daily IN the pen and always have) I have heard from ladies that when they are on their period the boys act aggressive with them. ?? So this may be part of it? ALSO , when you entered the pen he is the boss over the younger boy (his son) and the wether and you disrupted his little kingdom (maybe having 30 boys is easier than only 3?) When you ran, this showed him you were passive much like a dog who rolls over.

I wish I had video of this for you to see- I tried to explain in detail maybe if you tried it on another goat first to see how they drop so you know what to expect. I use the drop method to tend to my angora boys (some of them have a lot of belly hair that grows right around the penis) and if this is not sheared a few times between shearings especially in summer it can get nasty and actually burn them and cause pizzle rot.
I hope this explanation is clear for you- just make sure you do not use too much weight on him, use your knees on either side of him to control how much pressure you actually put on him, grab the legs through the belly area and pull straight to you, it may knock the wind out of him. Careful of the horns is the only thing, making sure he doesn't land so they break.
In all honesty I have never had anyone tell me this did not work.
Please let me know if you have questions or if not how it went for you. Hey if you have a video camera, have someone video it and I would love to use it as an example on my website. (I don't have any boys who act up and would struggle to video it or I would - wish I had done so with Handsome when he acted up)
This is Handsome (my Previously Aggressive Buck):