Scours-Feed Scours
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Monday, 30 March 2009

Title: Scours-Feed Scours

Usually Caused by too much of a good thing- too much rich hay or too much early spring pasture and is usually green to bright green.. If you have just started putting the goats out to pasture in the Spring.. if the pasture is extra rich from a good rain, or if the hay is especially rich; all of these things can scour a goat. (Pneumonia can also be a cause of adult scouring, so make sure to look at all the possibilities before you try to diagnose.)

Rule of thumb in early spring is to allow goats to pasture time in small increments daily until you have worked up to the full time allowed in the pastures daily- Do this over a long period of time.. a few weeks if at all possible. Allow them to browse pasture in late morning and afternoon when all dew have dried (this is to reduce the possibility of parasite infection), feed hay before allowing goats into pasture will also reduce the scouring as they will have already a full belly and will not eat quite as ravenously on pasture.

Keep a close eye on the goats, I would give them thiamine (1cc/100lb goat IF using the 200mg/ml strength, half of this for the strength)  or in the very least vitamin B complex that has thiamine in it.

If you have not vaccinated for CDT, now would be a good time to make sure you have the C&D ANTI toxin on hand , offer baking soda free choice to make sure they do not bloat and watch for enterotoxemia. Keep in mind also that it may be a poisonous plant in your pasture causing scouring as well- go check your pastures weekly and before you allow goats to browse.
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