Goat Castration-Band Method
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Sunday, 27 May 2007

Goat Castration-Band Method

Deferring castration as close to 6 months of age reduces the incidence of obstructive urinary calculi. This allows the influence of testosterone on the development of the urethral lumen size. BUT it also helps the urethral process to be able to separate completely from the its attachment to the end of the penis, by which at this time the little buckling can impregnate a doeling. This involves more management by the owner because the young males are so precocious and capable of impregnating as early as 3 months. This is NOT reason to castrate early - a bit of early buckling management is all it takes until the little guy is large enough to band safely.

There is no reason why  one person cannot band (castrate) their bucklings.
 It really is easy:

This is a 6 month old pygora buckling in the following photos
I tried to get as many close shots of this method when I castrate by myself- I rarely have help so I need to be able to do this alone- Obviously I had someone there taking the pictures for this series.
But this is how I do it and it takes all of maybe 5 minutes if that!

Here is the Equipment-

This is the Elastrator Open with band stretched- you can see that as long as the testicles will fit into the stretched band, you can wait until the buckling is older and more developed.
Opening the Elastrator banding tool

Place band on Elastrator- allow the band to go to the base of the prongs or it will snap off when you open the elastrator-


The Elastrator has 4 prongs on it- slip the band on these 4 prongs- you sort of have to roll them onto it.

Soak Band on Elastrato
r for Approx 10 mins before using-

This is what I call the Stancheon Hold- Good for banding, giving shots and taking temps- turn around facing front for administering oral meds and checking eyelids-
Lift the legs for banding

Lifting hind legs for banding-

Front (or back which ever way you perceive it) showing how to hold buckling for banding-
holding the buckling for banding

Hold buckling up with one hand while you iodine around testicles and clear fiber from area- Betadine Surgical Scrub works well because it's soapy-
Apply Iodine to area to be banded

Apply iodine or Betadine surgical scrub to area all the way around testicles front and back-

One testicle is on band
- Place the band as close to the skin as you can resting the tips of the 4 prongs on the belly - making sure the teats are outside the band- Careful not to poke the belly with the prongs- Ouch! They aren't pointed but Ouch anyways.

'Popping' the second
testicle in-

With bigger boys, you may have to pull the testicle "skin" through first then pop the inner teste in through the band- The teste is sort of like a hard boiled egg inside the skin. 

Check for hair
that may get caught in band- if so clear it or cut it- this will pull and hurt worse than the band.

Start releasing the elastrator- as you release the handle,  the band starts to close around the testes - once you have gotten it almost completely released- start rolling band off prongs one side at a time.. (thought I had a photo of this-guess not-  Oops)
This is probably the most difficult part of the whole operation. You may have to play with the tension of the band - opening the elastrator  and closing it to release the band.

Elastrator is now closed
- Band is off elastrator and on buckling - Both testicles are in band, hair and teats are out of band-

Now- Here is an 8 week old  buckling that in MY opinion is far too young and small to band -

(read this article on Urinary Calculi to see why I castrate at an older age!) 


Give a tetanus Anti-toxin shot and a kiss on the nose and you're good to go- Remember to check this daily for any redness, inflammation, infection etc-
Tetanus Anti-toxin will provide 7 to 10 day protection- give a second injection in 7 days and I always give a third in 7 to  10 more days.
PennG Procaine will be appropriate for infection both as an injection and topically. (1cc/25lbs SubQ) twice a day for 5 days.
Testicles will fall off in 6-8 weeks.

The bands they have now days are not as small as they used to be- so the testicles do not get cold as quick. They used to get cold (all blood supply cut completely off) within 24 hours often times less- But the new bands do not - so the testicles may remain warmish for a day or 2- One more Important reason for the Tetanus Anti toxin shot! This is the tetanus Antitoxin I use:

You should be able to find it at any feed store or Order Through Jeffers.

Give an aspirin (NOT ADVIL OR TYLENOL) Only real regular cheap aspirin for pain.. one whole one for larger kids and half for smaller kids.
I have successfully banded bucks up to 18 months old..  As long as you can get one testicle through the band - and then the other - the boy can still be banded..

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