Fallen Trees
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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Aftermath of the Fallen Oak Tree

Cut Down Your Dead Trees Before Catastrophe Hits

When a Tree Falls in a Goatyard & Everyone is there- can you hear it?
August 11,2009 Approx 2AM
I was fixing to do my late night goat yard check and I heard a loud crack - All the goats in the front goat yard jumped from their sleeping places and huddled in a bunch in the center of the yard - I just knew there was some sort of predator  looming in the dark - so I watched and listened - about 20-30 seconds later I hear the Most horendous sound coming from the back and a crash that was spine chilling- I knew.. The Tree - That Old dead Oak tree I should have had cut down before now.
I listened for screaming, hollering, whimpering - nothing.
Reluctantly I made my way out to the back goat yard to check who was dead or injured. Flashlight in hand and prayers in my heart I looked to see  what could only be descirbed as what the aftermath of a tornado may look like. Goats standing as if they were playing statue,  the other donkey running around braying like he was on fire and this huge tree laying on it's side, crushing the donkey stall, destroying the cattle panel fencing, laying across the driveway and barely missing the house and new power lines only  a week old. I had very recently moved  Pepper (the one donkey) from his stall area to the billy yard, Thank God.  I looked in the upper part of the billy shelter and he was laying with the boys  chewing hay.  I climbed the fence into the billy yard, (the gate was destroyed) counted heads and checked everyone for injury or shock - all were ok. 
Checked out everyone in the girls yard adjacent  and found them all to be ok although stuned and scared. Took Cooper  the nutsy acting donkey, to see Pepper his best buddy  so he knew he was alright.  Looked  around the big branches now embedded deep in the ground for any sign of bodies under them pinning them  - Luckily nothing.
SO with  rubber feeling legs and knees that felt like they were no longer even there I made my way in tears back to the house. It was all so surreal.. I had just hours before discussed this tree and  removing it with my hay man. Trees of this size need professional removing, and I was going to make the call first thing in the morning. Well we didn't quite make it.
If you have dead trees in your yards that  could impose  damage to you, your house,  your animals, shelters etc and you have delayed  removal, Please heed my warning and remove them before disaster strikes.  I was lucky by the pure Grace of God.

 The base where this monster tree broke



 Compare the tree size to the goat size



 View from living room window



 Laying across driveway



 What is left of the donkey stall & Barely missed the power lines



 A confused and worried donkey



 Donkey stall crushed - thank goodness he wasn't in it



 Donkey stall crushed



 Another view of donkey stall



 The feed bucket survived


Please cut down your dead trees so you don't have an accident like this
*Hugs* goatlady
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