Goat Pizzle Rot
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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Pizzle Rot

Problems associated with Angora goat bucks and wethers

This is a more common occurrence in the fiber breeds- in particular the boys who have extra fiber on the belly area, right up to the button (The "button" is the actual visual part of the penis area on the belly..the fleshy surroundings that make the "button"-slang term but widely used. ).
When the fiber grows and surrounds the button area, the hair gets soaked with urine and begins to cause urine scald on the tender skin. Goats fed protein rich diets are more prone to this than those not, also castrating at a young age adds to the possibility of Pizzle Rot. If left unchecked, this can get infected and possibly gangrenous. Close attention needs to be given to the boys who have the fuller belly hair.
Unfortunately, there may be times when one escapes you.. and if they are young you may not remember from shearing whether or not they did have a full belly fiber situation..Like my case with Gruffly.
It wasn't until I noticed him standing to urinate and have a drip or 2 that I thought anything was wrong, shearing had been skipped for some of my kids this fall- as the wet weather started before I could get everyone sheared. I'll bet I learn a hard lesson here!
By this time Gruff's urethral opening was swollen shut and urine had built up in the shaft area..not only creating a stop in urine flow but also scalding and rotting the internal part of the penis.
There was a scab formed when I noticed the problem that morning.. when I pulled it away from the penis tip- very strong dark urine flowed out, but also came a fibrous tissue I later found out from the vet was the process and tip of the actual penis..I could have easily lost him over this.
As it is .. I doubt he will ever be able to sire kids and that is a shame.. he is a doll and would produce fine babies.This is what it looked like when I first noticed it.pizzle rot in angora goat I had been keeping it clean and dry and thought it had cleared up.. then things got busy and I didn't check it for a few weeks.. this is what I found the day he had problems- photos taken after we went to the vet's and the area was surgically opened to allow a better flow of urine..the black area was going to slough off as it was gangrenous.

pizzle rot
The area did in fact slough off.. about 2 inches or better all the way around the button area.. he lost his button and now has a tiny bit of actual penis just out there.. it was red and tender in the beginning.. but has now gotten weathered and is acting as it's own protection.. the part Gruffly lost was the extension part of the penis.. The Vet doesn't think he will ever be able to breed..

All of this could have been easily avoided.. by keeping a close eye on a belly that was fiber heavy.. A very hard lesson to learn!
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