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If the information in this site has been of help to you and your goats, Donations are always welcome (and much appreciated) to help the cost of my rescue goats.. Thank you and God Bless!  goatlady
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If the information in this site has been of help to you and your goats, Donations are always welcome to help with the cost of running of my rescue goats. Thank you and God Bless!

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Pneumonia in Goats Print E-mail
Written by Administrator-GL   
Saturday, 30 June 2007
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Pneumonia in Goats
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Major Causes of Pneumonia:

The 3 main causative agents of pneumonia are: Bacterial, Viral and Parasitic.
High humidity, close conditions, drastic change in weather conditions, change in environment,feed, or kidding (Sometimes referred to as shipping stress),  inadequate ventilation and dusty damp bedding are some of the most common antagonists for the beginning of pneumonia.

Most Common Clinical Signs:

1. Weight loss
2. Cough
3. Nasal Discharge
4. Fever present sometimes not always
5. Raspy breathing
6. Difficult breathing
7. Anorexia

Function of the lungs:

The lungs are the largest organ (aside from the rumen) in the goat's body. Lungs are composed of millions of tiny thin walled air sacs. Around these air sacs are capillaries filled with blood. The blood fills with oxygen and is then transferred through the body nourishing the cells in all the organs, picking up carbon dioxide from these organs and back to the lungs for a "gas exchange", trading the carbon dioxide for oxygen.   (Of course this is a very simplified explanation of what goes on in the body). But this gives you an idea of why, when the lungs are not working to their full potential the rest of the body too, is at risk.

The lungs are a very moist organ, making them more susceptible to bacteria to take a hold any chance it has.The lungs are also enclosed in a double walled sac called pleura. The inner layer of this sac (visceral pleura) adheres tightly to the lungs and the outer layer (parietal pleura) is attached to the wall of the chest cavity. These two layers are separated by a thin space called the pleural cavity that is filled with pleural fluid; allowing the inner and outer layers to slide over each other, and prevents them from being separated easily. Bacterial infection can also cause an over abundance of fluids to accumulate in this plural cavity compromising the  job of the lungs. Pneumonias fill the air sacs (alveoli) with fluids, bacteria, and pus; also compromising the duty of the lungs to cleanse the blood and exchange the gases  (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen).
[This explanation is neither complete nor thorough- but gives you the basics].

What is Pasteurella?

Pasteurella multocida was discovered by Louis Pasteur for it's role in Chicken Cholera.  The toxin gets inside cells and attacks cellular proteins involved in signaling.
(Cell signaling is the communication of cells so they may be able to coordinate a behavior beneficial to the organism as a whole.)
Pasteurella multocida toxin (PMT) is known to stimulate the signalling proteins leading to growth changes in cellular structure and cellular shape.
In the late 1880's Louis Pasteur took part  in a contest held by the Government of So Wales. A prize of $10,000,000 to the person who could use a biological method of irradication of  rabbits who had become a pest in the pasture lands.  Pasteur intended to use this micro-organism.

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