Goat Vaccination Schedule
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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Goat Vaccination Schedule
                                                                                             updated May 2 2010


I spoke with Colorado Serum and this is what they told me on vaccination scheduling:

CASEOUS D-T (CDT) Colorado Serum

Clostridium tetani-perfringens Type D-Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis Bacterin-Toxoid

Adults: 4-6 wks before kidding, Booster 30 days later, the following year oin the annual booster 30-35 days prior to kidding.

Kids: 30 days before weaning and again 30 days after weaning- annual booster.

7 or 8 way  multi vaccines (such as Covexin 8,Ultrabac® 8,Clostridial 8-Way,Vision® 8,Vision® 7,Caliber™ 7) are not recommended by Goat-Link

Read why

Does and Kids

At birth l/4 cc Bo-Se to all newborn kids.
Before castration or disbudding 2 ccs Tetanus antitoxin injected S.Q. or I.M.

   4 weeks - Valbazen oral suspension dewormer at the rate of 1cc/10lbs orally OR Ivomec PLUS injected at the rate of 1cc/40lbs, repeat in 10 days , repeat again in 10 days - I prefer Valbazen for kids as it also kills tapeworm and is oral. In addition check for lice,  use Ivomec POUR on for lice , at the rate of 1cc/22lbs dribbled down the backline (NOT to be used as your source for deworming as  it is not effective in goats for  ridding the goat of gastrointestinal wormload as it is in cattle)  but for kids, I use 1/2 cc in about 3 places on the backline of kids-for tiny kids I use a cotton ball and rub  on the spine

NOTE: I have seen kids born in spring  as young as a day old with biting lice- they WILL kill your kids so treat as soon as you see them if before 4 weeks of age! 

   5 weeks - This is the prime time for coccidia to start to really  bring kids down, treat with Sulmet , DiMethox or Albon liquid, 5 days (give orally with needless syringe straight from the bottle  without diluting) use directions on bottle for dosing.

   60 days - in SE deficient areas in particular-  Bo-Se every 60 days to growing kids (Dose lcc per 40 lbs.)
    9 weeks - Sulmet , DiMethox or Albon liquid, 5 days (give orally with needless syringe straight from the bottle  without diluting) use directions on bottle for dosing
   12 weeks - Ivomec PLUS injected S.Q., or Valbazen  , 1cc per 22 pounds.
   13 weeks - Sulmet , DiMethox or Albon liquid, 5 days (give orally with needless syringe straight from the bottle  without diluting) use directions on bottle for dosing
   12  months -  CASEOUS D-T (CDT) booster (2cc S.Q. or I.M.)
    One week later - DeWorm (with wormer of your choice - see below)

My personal preference for Deworming goats:

Treating wormy kids and wormy goats

Ivomec PLUS and Valbazen are my choices of anthelmintics (dewormers)  - both get liver fluke as well as the nasty stomach worms that cause anemia. Valbazen is not safe for pregnant does or those who "may" be pregnant as it causes birth abnormalities. But Valbazen is a great dewormer for kids because they are more likely to have tapeworms which the Ivomec or Ivomec Plus does not kill. And Valbazen is great for open (not pregnant) does and wethers and bucks.

Valbazen is a liquid suspension given orally at the rate of 1cc/10lbs of goat body weight.

Ivomec and Ivomec Plus are injectable cattle dewormers that goat owners use "off label" or "extra label" -meaning it has not been approved for use in goats but through experience by goat owners is commonly used safely.

NOTE: Never use Valbazen in pregnant does, as it can cause deformities and/or abortion in the first trimester. 

NOTE: Goat-Link.com has an indepth deworming article here and an article on treating coccidiosis here

Copper is very important for goats.   Use a mineral block or loose mineral formulated for goats with the proper amount of Copper.   Sweetlix makes both goat blocks and loose minerals.  Both are balanced with many minerals required by goats.

Before Breeding Does
l month before breeding does - 2cc Covexin 8 as indicated, plus Bo-Se according to weight (1cc/40lbs) and 1 week before kidding deworm with Ivomec PLUS injected SQ 1cc/40lbs.

 Day of kidding give doe and babies Bo-Se.  (1cc/40lbs for the doe and  accordingly for kids-  for small kids I usually use about 1/4 cc. Deworm doe with Ivomec PLUS 1cc/40lbs injected SQ and follow through in 10 days with another dewormig, and again in 10 days for a total of 3 deworming injections  10 days apart.

Note: If you are in selenium deficienct areas, schedule your bucks and does for a Bo-Se vaccination every 3 months even if the does are bred.  Please check with your own veterinarian for their recommendation. Warning:  The manufacturers of Bo-Se have put a warning on the label stating NOT to give Bo-Se to any pregnant animals.  Vaccination of pregnant animals may possibly result in abortions.   It is recommended you give your growing animals Bo-Se every sixty (60) days until they’re 18 months old.


Treat the same as Does, except for kidding date info.

UC Prevention: Every day in grain mix 1 tsp Ammonium Chloride, l/2 Tbsp. vegetable oil, 2 Tbsp. loose salt. (Give less of each for younger bucks.  Increase as they grow)  Coccidia Treatment/Prevention :    Deccox or Rumensin (Monensin) feed for the first four months or administer other coccidiostats as recommended by a veterinarian for your area. Deccox  can also be added to loose salt at the rate of 2 lbs. Deccox to 50 lbs. loose salt.  There are several Bovatek salts available that don’t need to be mixed.  Sweetlix makes a mineral salt containing Rumensin.    


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