GoatPedia™ Goat Guide and Calendar
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Saturday, 31 December 2016

2017 GoatPedia™ Goat Owner's Guide and Calendar is HERE!

Most popular Goat Calendar for the last 10 years

CafePress Big Idea Holiday 2006 Contest WINNER!
Thank you to all the customers who bought the Ultimate Goat Calendars for the past 10 years!

NOW UPdated to 2017

The Ultimate Goat Calendar!
2017 GoatPedia™
Goat Owner's Guide & Calendar

This is without a doubt THE calendar to have if you own goats! When the year is finished you still have a Goat Owner's Guide to the most basic Goat reference material we all seem to need to look up.
Without a Doubt - The Ultimate Goat Lovers Gift!
Not just a cute animal calendar or beloved pet calendar- This Calendar has the goat information you need at your fingertips!

Goat Gestation Calendars Included!

Oversized date boxes providing plenty of room to write in important events.
  • * Each page Measure 14.25” x 11”,
  • * Full bleed dynamic color
  • * 100 lb cover weight high gloss paper, wire-o bound
  • * January 2017 – December 2017

  • January
    Conversion Charts for figuring dosages
    Dairy Goat Weight Chart
    Pygmy Goat Weight Chart
  • February
    Hay Nutritional Charts
    Grain Nutritional Charts
    Fodder Nutritional Charts
    Quick View Ca:Phos ratio Chart for Hay
  • March
    Goat Medicine Chest
    Illustrated List of Basic Medical Supplies
    Illustrations of Medical Equipment
  • April
    Kidding Supply List
    Breeding Information List
    Signs of Early Labor
    SwingBaby™ Technique Photos
  • May
    Milking a Goat
    Milk Equipment
    Handling Milk
    Milk Nutritional Chart
    Heat Index Chart
  • June
    Dewormer information
    Anemia Eye Chart
    Bottle Jaw Illustration
    Parasite Quick Chart
  • July
    In depth coverage of the 5 most common worms
    including illustrations of the eggs
    Larval development
  • August
    Recognizing a Sick Goat
    Sick Goat Check List
    Goat Physiological Chart
    What to know before you call the Vet
  • September
    Neonates,Babies and Kids
    Bottle baby feeding Illustrated
    Baby poop- normal and scours Illustrated
    Tapeworm illustration
    Birth Chill
    Tubing baby goats
  • October
    Illustrated Text Book Kidding and explanations
    A real Life Kidding Experience
  • November
    Ruminal Bloat
    Abomasal Bloat
    Illustrated explanations of how bloat effects the Goat's Body
    How to treat Bloat
    Wind Chill Chart
  • December
    Supply Sources, Meds and Kidding Records
    Vet Supply House information
    Place to record your 2017 Kiddings
    Most Common Meds used for Goats and dosages I use