Goat Fetal Positions
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Monday, 28 May 2007

Typical Fetal Positions

Normal Fetal Position
Most of the time this is what you will encounter for a single baby or the first of twins or triplets.This is the dream presentation.
Normal Twin Presentation
This is the best twin presentation you can ask for. Sometimes the babies come out reversed- meaning the first one is back feet first and the second one is front feet first. Just keep in mind: Hooves Up=back feet: Hooves Down=front feet.(Unless of course the entire baby is upside down, which in this case you would need to turn baby full around before it is born.)
Back Legs First
This happens usually with twins or multiples.. but can happen with one baby as well.
True Breech-Rump
This is tricky.. You will need to push baby back some to get up under the legs and straighten them out behind the kid so you can deliver the baby back feet first. Remember to ONLY manipulate baby back into mama Between her contractions- never work against the doe. "Rope in diagram shows what fingers will be doing"
Head Back
Again, you will need to push baby back a little to work the front leg forward, using your fingers and gently yet firmly wiggle the leg forward with the leg in the "cup" of your hand. Anything you do inside the doe needs to be done very carefully so as not to tear her uterus. Any projecting parts should be kept away from the uterine wall-using the back of your hand toward the uterine wall and working inside your hand works well. "Rope in diagram shows what fingers will be doing"
One Leg back
This can be very frightening. Keep your cool and push baby back enough to wiggle the head into a face forward direction. If not, there is a chance of breaking the baby's neck during delivery.
Double Trouble
This birth will not happen successfully unless the babies are untangled and could do severe damage to the doe. Calmly push babies back and feel inside to decide which parts belong to which baby. Make absolutely sure you are working with only one baby before you try to deliver it. You may need to feel and follow feet back to the body of the baby and make sure you have the right head as well.

Assisting a Stuck Head
Here I am trying to demonstrate how to assist a head that is stuck in the vaginal opening. (Pygmy heads are known for this because of the wedge shape the head is)
You need to work carefully and remember not to tear the inner wall of the rectum. The picture shows the finger more curved than it really will be- to show you that you want to get behind the baby's head. Push with the Flat of your finger.. making sure the tip of your finger is behind the head. What you are doing is making the baby "duck" his head down and out. ALWAYS use a well lubricated gloved hand to do this! And make sure your fingernails are Shorter than short- no rings either..

I hope this has shown you some of the possibilites and gives you an idea of what to expect. Of course this is in no way a complete list of possible positions, but honestly.. I have had Very few of anything other than these in the 23+ years I have been delivering kids.
(I am not a veterinarian, these methods are what work for me. Any medical procedures should be verified with your veterinarian before administering to your animals.)

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