Goat Kids and Tapeworms
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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Tapeworms - the Effect on Kid Goats

Why I use Valbazen on Kids Especially  

The kids are born. Healthy, in good body condition and thriving.. a couple months later they seem to be stunted. Growth is poor, size is small, yet they have not shown signs of scouring from coccidiosis nor are they anemic. Appetite is good, activity seems normal, hair coat is a bit rough. The main thing you notice is a big belly and spindly legs - you deworm with Ivomec or Ivomec Plus and still nothing seems to change.

Enter the use of Valbazen (I use it at the rate of 1cc/10lbs goat weight) and this is an oral anthelmintic (dewormer) only.  Do NOT use on pregnant does or suspected pregnant does. Is very effective against most stomach worms, liver fluke and tapeworms as well as lungworm.

Tapeworm is a controversial subject when discussing adverse effects of this parasite to the health of the animal. Most articles will say they are generally non invasive but I will argue that , in particular with the growth of kid goats. The use of Valbazen is important  to rid the goat of these worms!

Here is a photo of a 3 month old pygmy buck kid goat, notice the lack of growth in the horns and the condition of his coat? (The pink on his nose is paint stick marking  I use when deworming to know who has andwho has not been dewormed yet)

3 month old pygmy goat with tapeworm
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This kid was dewormed with Ivomec Plus injected  SubQ 1/2cc which is a bit high even figuring the rate of 1cc/30lbs (he weighs 12 lbs) - this was at 6 weeks old, 10 days later he was dewormed again with Ivomec Plus orally this time- same dose.

12 hours after administering  Valbazen....

This is what I found:

tapeworm in goat poop

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tape worm in goat poop
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This is what tapeworm looks like when it has been killed and is excreted in the goat's poop. Not to be confused with seeing "segments" of tales while they are still live and in the system - which look like rice kernals on the anus and in the poop. 

One last photo of this same poop with the tape worm broken up  and some of it  within the poop, so you have a good clear reference when  this happens at your farm..

tapeworm in kid goat poop
Closer larger photo here


 This ALL came out of one 12 pound pygmy goat- the one in the photo previous..

This is an adult goat expelling a tape worm

As you can see from this photo, this goat obviously has scours - a classic sign of worms in goats- This is not my goat, so I do not know what medications were used or about the wormload this goat had besides tapeworm.

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