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If the information in this site has been of help to you and your goats, Donations are always welcome (and much appreciated) to help the cost of my rescue goats.. Thank you and God Bless!  goatlady
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If the information in this site has been of help to you and your goats, Donations are always welcome to help with the cost of running of my rescue goats. Thank you and God Bless!

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In all cases, it is your responsibility to obtain veterinary services and advice before using any of the information provided in these articles. We are not veterinarians. Neither nor any of the contributors to this website will be held responsible for the use of any information contained herein.
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Goat Vital Signs Print E-mail
Written by Administrator-GL   
Sunday, 03 June 2007

Goat Vital Signs

  • Rectal temperature is in the range 101.5 to 103.5  degrees F
  • Pulse rate is in the range 70 -80 beats per minute
  • Respiration Adult Goats- 10-30 per minute
  • Respiration Kid Goats 20-40 per minute

  • Rumen Movement 1 – 1.5 per minute
  • Estrus (length of heat cycle)    12 to 36 hours
  • Heat Cycles    20 to 23 days
  • Breeding Season    July to February
  • Gestation period is in the range 145 to 160 days ( typically 150)
  • Puberty (depends heavily on breed) but can be as early as  just 2 months for pygmy bucks, later for other breeds. 2 mos to 18mos (depending on breed)
  • Rumen development for kids - fully developed rumen functions at 1 yr of age. 
  • Lifespan Bucks – The average is around 8 years but up to 12 years
  • Lifespan Does – The average is around 11-12 years and up to 20 years
  • Growth from Birth to Maturity is 2 years



Dairy Goat Weigh Chart
This table show the weights of standard dairy goats by measuring with a weigh tape or regular measuring tape..(If you don't have a measuring tape..take a length of baling twine measure the goat and take the twine in the house and use a ruler, yardstick or carpenter's tape)
Measure goat around the heart girth and hold tape fairly snug.
Measure Heart Girth for weight tape
Following measurements taken from the dairy goat weigh tape I purchased from Caprine Supply years ago.. has worked well for me for my dairy goats..
For my Angoras I use the tape and take an inch off to accomodate the fleece.
I don't believe this would give you an accurate weight for meat goats.
Inches Pounds Inches Pounds Inches Pounds
10 4 21 34 32 100
11 5 22 38 33 106
12 6.5 23 43.5 34 118
13 7.5 24 50 35 128
14 9.5 25 56 36 138
15 11.5 26 62 37 148
16 14 27 68 38 158
17 18 28 74 39 168
18 22 29 80 40 178
19 26 30 86 41 188
20 30 31 92 42 200

    Goat Fetal Development Chart

  • 20 days~(3 weeks) Apparent Heart Beat
  • 21-35days~(3-5weeks)The lung bud branching and forming into the two principal bronchi
  • 28-35 days~(4-5 weeks) Limb buds apparent
  • 35-42 days~ (5-6 weeks) Differentiation of mouth,digits and dew claws
  • 42-49 days~( 6-7 weeks)Nostrils and Eyes apparent; Mammary buds in females; empty scrotal sac in males;Jugular vein barely visible through the pink skin
  • 42-84 days~(6-12wks)The bronchial divisions were differentiated and their air conducting system became established,lined with seudostratified and/or single-walled columnar epithelium
  • 49-56 days~(7-8 weeks)Eyelids Close; Ear Canal Opens; Membranous soft center in the top of the head
  • 56-63 days~ (8-9 weeks) Jugular vein, facial vein and scrotal vessels all visible; Nostrils open
  • 70-77 days~(10-11 weeks) Hairs appear on eyelids
  • 77-84 days~(11-12 weeks) Horn Pits Appear;Ear vein prominent; Hairs on eyelids and muzzle
  • 84-91 days~(12-13weeks) Hairs on forehead;Pigmentation around horn pits; Testes palpable in scrotum
  • 91-98 days~ (13-14 weeks) Skin whitish and thicker;Jugular, facial and scrotal veins no longer visible;Ear vein visible;Hairs along top of the neck;Top of the head has hardened-Also Lung Development-The respiratory bronchioles developed quickly,the primitive alveoli had developed,the respiratory bronchioles and primitive alveoli were lined by cuboid cells
  • 98-105 days~(14-15 weeks)Tooth Eruption;Hair around eyes and muzzle; Hairs on chest;Eyelids separated;Temporary teeth buds just appear
  • 105-112 days~(15-16 weeks)Body sparsely covered with hair, except limbs Also-Lung development-The respiratory divisions developed dramatically,the lung assumed a more “aerated” appearance.
  • 112-119 days~(16-17 weeks)Dense hairs cover body and limbs;Teeth buds prominent
  • 119 days~(17 weeks)1-3 Incisors barely erupted in females at birth; Incisors at gum line in males at birth
  • 119-154 days~(17-22 weeks)The alveoli developed and differentiated into flattened(type Ⅰ cell)and cuboid (type Ⅱ cell)epithelial cells of the lung development-here the baby can breath on it's own.
  • Length of Fetus at 30 days is 1.4 cm
  • Length of Fetus at 145 days is 43.0 cm
  • Normal Live Birth- 145 to 155 days~(147 days is 21 weeks or approx. 5 months)


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